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How to Replace Windshield Wipers

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How to replace windshield wipers is an easy work for car owners, it will depend on the type of wiper your car is using, look at your car owner's manual for reference.

When you have a car you must have knowledge of basic car maintenance like this simple step on how to replace windshield wipers. The windshield wiper is often used for cleaning the car windshield for any dirt or water when driving under the rain so that the driver has a clear vision of the road and the front of the car.

There are times that even though we used a wiper to clean the windshield, still the windshield is not clear enough to see what is in front of the car. Windshield wipers wipe away rain and snow as well as dirt on the windshield and/or rear window to keep them clean.

Wiper blade is made of rubber and deteriorates due to the change of temperature and friction with glass surface. If wiper deteriorates, the blade makes jerky motions and squeaking sound. Water or dirt film will remain on the glass, leading to poor visibility for drivers.

There are also times that the wipers chatter during operation this is because there is a presence of wax or other materials on the wipers or even on the windshield. In this case, it is necessary to clean the windshield.

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When cleaning the outside surface of the windshield using a water solution or a mild detergent, you will notice that when the windshield is cleaned there are no beads that form when you rinse it with water.

As for cleaning the wipers, soaked a piece of cloth in a water solution or a mild detergent and wipe it to the wiper blades and rinse the blades with water.

How often to replace windshield wipers

There is no specific replacement intervals for wiper blade, however, they should be replaced whenever they show signs of rubber deterioration, squeaking, etc. Usually, it is necessary to replace the windshield wipers blade once a year, or when you notice that the windshield is not clear enough to what is in front of the car upon using the wiper when driving in rain.

Replace the wiper blades as soon as the mentioned condition is met because if you neglect the replacement schedule of the blades despite the above condition, it will damage the windshield of your car and may even impair your vision while driving under the rain.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers

In replacing windshield wipers ensure that the wiper blades of your car are the same as the below illustrations.

Step1. In changing, wiper blades first lift the wiper arm away from the windshield.

Step2. Push and hold the release tab (A) then slide in the direction illustrated (1) the arm of the windshield wiper blades then remove the wiper blades.

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Step3. Now slide the new windshield wiper blades in the opposite direction when changing windshield wiper blades, you will hear a clicking sound. This confirms that the blades are in place. After wiper blade replacement, return the wiper arm to its original position; otherwise it may be damaged when the hood is opened. Make sure the wiper blades contact the glass; otherwise the arms may be damaged from wind pressure.

What is the best way to use wiper as long as possible?

Wiper blades sometimes trap the dust or sand. If the wiper is operated under this situation, it damages the blade and glass. It is therefore recommendable to use wiper after flashing windshield washer in such cases.

Only use genuine wiper blades because they are designed to match windshield configuration using computer-analyzed design. The rubber is made of excellent weather proof-material with high abrasion resistance and is carefully designed to operate quietly and rattling noise while turning back and forth is minimized.

Cleaning windshield wiper

If your windshield is not clear after using the windshield washer or if a wiper blade chatters when running, wax or other material may be on the blade or windshield. Clean the outside of the windshield with a washer solution or a mild detergent. Your windshield is clean if beads do not form when rinsing with clear water.

Clean each blade by wiping it with a cloth soaked in a washer solution or a mild detergent. Then rinse the blades with clear water. If your wind- shield is still not clear after cleaning the blades and using the wiper, replace the blades.

If you wax the surface of the hood, be careful not to let wax get into the washer nozzle this may cause clogging or improper windshield washer operation. If wax gets into the nozzle, remove it with a needle or small pin.

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