Car Pulls to the Right or Left Slightly

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Car Pulls to the Right or Left Slightly

If a car is pulling to the left or pulling to the right while driving possible reason is the tire pressure is a mismatch, the brakes are dragging or the wheel is slightly out of alignment.

Tire pressure mismatch is causing the car pulling

There are three possible causes of why the car pulls to the left or pulls to the right and one of the reasons is a mismatch tire pressure of the front tire. With that said the first thing to do is to check the pressure of each tire. Use a tire pressure gauge to verify the pressure of each tire if all tires have the same inflation pressure. Compare the reading to the correct inflation pressure that is recommended by the car manufacturer.

The correct inflation pressure can be found on the car owner’s manual. If the tire pressure is different for each tire then this condition is causing the car to pull to one side depending on which side is lower. When the left tire has lower tire pressure than the right tire then the car pulls to the left.

Correct the pressure of the tires. Both front tires must be of the same tire pressure. The tire pressure must be equal to the pressure stated in your car manual.

Dragging brake is causing the car to pull

When the front brakes are dragging it can cause the car to pull to side where the dragging occurs. Now to check if the front brake is dragging, you have to drive the car for about 15 to 20 minutes, after that stop, the car then gets outside. Touch the rim or the hub of both front tires (left and right), observed if there is a difference between the temperature of the right-side tire and the left side tire (one side is hotter than the other.

The hotter wheel is where the dragging brakes occur and this causes the car to pull to one side while driving. When the brake is dragging there is an intense heat that is generated because of constant friction on the brake that is why the wheel becomes hot. Also when the brake is dragging there is an imbalance that is created on the car front end, this imbalance will cause the car pulling to one side.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to check the front brake which you think is dragging. There is a problem with the brake that causes the brake to drag. Have it check by a mechanic and repair or replace if necessary. Usually, it is a corroded bracket that causes drag.

Slightly out of alignment wheels

Wheel alignment is the alignment of the wheels relative to the frame of the car. When the wheels are slightly out of alignment car pulling occurs while the car is running.

Car Pulls to the Right When Braking
When the car pulls to the right when braking, this problem points to something involving either, the front tires, front end, or front brakes. The rear tires, rear end, and rear brakes aren't really the factor here.
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Bring the car to a tire shop and have it align. Out of alignment wheels can also cause abnormal wear on the tire, therefore, you should take care of this problem to avoid further abnormality on your tire. Sometimes the mechanic will recommend replacing one of the front end parts before alignment will take place. If this is the case do not agree on the recommendation without getting the second opinion of another mechanic before proceeding with the repair.

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