Car Loses Power Going Uphill

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Car Loses Power Going Uphill

If a car loses power going uphill driving but have enough power when running on the flat roads then the possible cause of the problem is worn-out rings or the valves are worn out.

Troubleshooting car problem of engine power loss while going uphill

The car that losses power going uphill and fine on the flat roads is usually a result of the rings or valves inside the engine that is worn out. The effect of worn out rings and valves on the engine is low compression.
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Since the engine is low compression the engine cannot provide enough power or the engine has weak power to smoothly run the car especially when the car is going uphill. When driving uphill the engine is under more stress as compared to the engine that operates on the flat roads. Also when the engine is under more stress the engine suffers low compression.

How to fix the problem of low power when going uphill

This kind of problem must be determined by a professional, in this case, bring the car to a shop then have a mechanic verify if the valves or the rings are indeed worn out. The mechanic will probably verify the problem by subjecting the engine to a wet compression test that usually conducted to know if the engine has low compression.

If the result of testing confirmed that the rings or valves are the problems, and the mechanic recommends that those parts be replaced, never agree immediately on the replacement job but instead, try to seek the second opinion from a different mechanic because this kind of work is expensive. And it is also possible that the electronic sensor which controls the engine is faulty and this triggers the low compression which the engine is suffering especially when going uphill driving.

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