Blue Smoke from Exhaust of Car

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Blue Smoke from Exhaust of Car

There is a blue smoke that comes out the exhaust while driving or while accelerating. Also, weak power is noticed especially when driving uphill. The reason is that the rings or the valve stem seals are bad, another reason is the turbo charge seal is leaking.

Possible cause of blue smoke from the exhaust of the car

The rings are bad

When there is a blue smoke that comes out the exhaust the only reason for this is that the engine is burning oil. Now the real problem is why the engine is burning oil. There are several reasons why this happens and the most common reason why the engine is burning oil is because of the bad rings. Usually, if the engine has bad rings you can feel that there is a power loss especially while driving uphill.

The purpose of the rings is to keep the oil that lubricates the engine components from entering the engine combustion chamber another purpose is to keep maintain the engine compression so that the engine can generate power that is necessary to move the car.

If the rings are bad the seal between the cylinder wall and the piston is not enough, therefore, allowing the oil to leak into the combustion chamber and when oil enters the chamber it will burn which in turn creates a blue smoke that comes out from the exhaust. Also when the rings are bad, engine compression is weak which in turn affect the engine power and become weak also.

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Bring the car to the shop for repair. The car might need a ring job or a new engine, either of the two can cost a lot of money. Ask the mechanic to check if the rings are bad, a wet compression test is done to determine if the rings are bad wherein the spark plug will be removed then the compression gauge will be screwed on the spark plug hole and take some reading of the compression while the engine is cranking. Try to consider also buying a new engine.

The valve stem seals are bad

When the blue smoke is noticeable when you are accelerating then the problem is a bad valve steam seals. The oil is leaking from the valve stems into the combustion chamber then the oil gets burn after it reaches the chamber and comes out as blue smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to replace the valve stem seals. This kind of job is costly. Also, if the problem is not fixed a complete valve job is necessary.

The turbo charge seal is leaking

When the car is equipped with a turbocharger, the turbo charge seals are leaking oil this causes the oil to reach the exhaust system. When the oil touches the exhaust which is probably hot, the oil will smoke. The smoke that produced will come out the exhaust pipe as blue smoke.

Bring the car to a car shop and ask the mechanic to turbocharge seals to confirm that it is indeed leaking and repair if necessary.

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