Battery Warning Light Flickers

The battery warning light indicator on dash board is occasionally flickers while driving the possible reason is that the alternator is failing or the alternator belt is slipping.

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Possible cause of battery light that flickers

1)The alternator belt is slipping.
2)The alternator itself is failing.

When the battery warning light indicator flickers while the car is running there are two possibilities that causing this kind car trouble, as mentioned above it can cause by the slipping alternator belt or a failing alternator. The alternator is the device that provides electricity to the car battery, it is connected from the engine using an alternator belt, when the engine runs some of the power will be transferred to the alternator to make it run and create electricity so that the battery will charge, aside from providing charges to the battery the alternator is also the one that provides electrical power to all your car accessories like the radio, air con, lights, etc. while the engine is running. Now, if the battery warning light indicator located on the instrument panel is lit “ON” then it means that the alternator is not generating electricity that the car accessories are needed.

Since the problem is the battery warning lights only flickers, sometimes on and sometimes off, then the problem is intermittently occurring which means that the alternator is sometimes generating electricity and sometimes not generating electricity or somewhat failing, during the time the alternator fails it cannot generates electricity so the battery warning lights is always on.

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Also when the alternator belt is slipping the alternator cannot generates electricity, as mentioned above, the alternator is connected to the engine using the alternator belt, now if there is a problem on the alternator belt, for example if the belt is broken the alternator will stop running and you can see the battery warning lights steadily ON, however since the warning lights only flickers this means that the belt sometimes fine and sometimes not which is usually a symptoms of slipping belt, every time the alternator belt slip the alternator stop generating electricity this triggers the battery warning lights indicator on the dashboard to came “ON”.

How to fix for the flickering battery warning lights

Bring your car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check the alternator. More often than usual the belt is only needed some adjustment to fix it. But if the belt is no problem then it is the alternator that cause the problem, probably it is failing and it is necessary to replace the alternator. Have it fix soon because you may not be able to drive the car when the alternator failed completely.

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