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How to Change a Flat Tire

How to Change a Flat Tire?

When you drive there is always a possibility that you will encounter a flat tire, that's why before driving one of the items that are necessary to check is the tire including the spare tire and the tools used for replacing a flat tire. If your car encounters flat tire here is what you do. The first thing to do is to pull off the road away from the traffic as possible.

Steps on How to Change a Flat Tire

Step1. Park the car on a flat surface with solid foundation. Ensure that the car is parked on a flat surface and that the ground can support the weight of the car. Put a tire stopper on the tire opposite the flat tire. Use a block or a rock as tire stopper.

Step2. Take off the hub cap. Most car have hub cap, usually hub cap blocks the wheel nut therefore removing the hub cap is necessary to give way for loosening and removing the wheel nut.

Step3. Loosen the wheel nut. Using the tire wrench loosen the wheel nut, to loosen the wheel nut turn the tire wrench counter clockwise.

When you are using a cross wrench, handle the cross wrench upper portion with your inner arm (arm that is near the vehicle) then put your inner foot on the lower portion of cross wrench, then as you pull the upper portion of the cross wrench towards you, push the lower portion of the wrench away from you at same time as shown in the illustration below.

When you are using L-type wrench position the L wrench in an inclined position then put your one foot on the L-wrench handle then using your own weight pushes down the L-wrench with your foot as shown in the illustration below. Remember, do not remove the wheel nut just loosen the nut, enough to remove it when the vehicle is jacked up.

Step4. Ready the spare tire and the car jack. Get your spare tire and put it near the flat tire before you jack up the car.

Step5. Jack up the car. Place the car jack underneath the car in a position enough to lift the flat tire. If you do not know where to place the jack, try looking at the car owner’s manual it shows the location where to put the jack underneath your car. Make sure that the ground where you put the jack is solid enough to support the jack and the vehicle weight when the jack lifts the car. Lift the car enough to install the spare tire.

Step6. Remove the wheel nut and the spare tire. After the car is lifted, it is now time to remove the wheel nut by the use of tire wrench or hand the wheel nut can easily be removed because you already loosen the nut before the car is lifted. Lay down the flat tire on the ground.

Step7. Install the spare tire. Before installing the spare tire wipe the stud bolt with a rag to remove some dirt that may affect the tread of the wheel nut. Install the spare tire and the wheel nut. Hand tight the wheel nut.

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Step8. Lower the car and remove the jack. Now lower the car until the tire touches the ground and the jack can be remove.

Step9. Tighten the wheel nut with tire wrench. Finally using the tire wrench tightens the wheel nut. Tightening the nut must be done correctly so that the tire fits well with the axle and prevent vibration. Follow the below guide when tightening the wheel.

As you can see on the tightening pattern, the wheel nut is tightened in an alternate position, this will ensure that the back face of the wheel touches in an even surface with the axle.

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