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How to Check Air Tire Pressure

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The tire tread life will be reduced if the tire pressure of your car is not within the car manufacturer's tire air pressure specified in the car owner’s manual. Aside from reducing tire life, it is also believed that having a lower tire pressure could also reduce fuel economy and prevent those from happening. When checking for the tire air pressure, do it after running for about 1km.

How to Tell the Age of a Tire
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The correct tire pressure can prolong the service life of tires. It can also ensure the best combination of driving comfort, fuel economy, and drivability. When the tire pressure is too low, it will intensify tire wear, greatly affect the drivability and fuel economy of the vehicle and increase the danger of lost tire effectiveness. If the tire pressure is too high, it will cause driving instability and uneven tire wear, thus reducing the service life of the tires.

Check tire pressure (including spare tires) at a frequency of at least once a week. Tires must be checked when they are in a state of normal temperature - as long as the vehicle has been driven for 1.6 km, it is enough to make tires fully heat up, thus affecting tire pressure. The pressure of hot tires is bound to increase. If tire pressure has to be checked when the tires are hot (after the vehicle has been driven for a period of time), the pressure should have risen approximately by 0.2~0.5bar. In such a situation, please do NOT deflate the tires to make the tire pressure up to the standard.

The recommended tire pressure is located on the driver side, when you open the driver side door there is a label adhered on the panel, in the absence of a label, you can also find the recommended tire pressure for your car on your car owners manual.

When to Check Tire Air Pressure?

Tires should be checked at least once a week. Do NOT forget to check compact spare tires. Their pressure should be 4.2bar.

How to Check Tire Air Pressure

A high-quality mini tire pressure gauge may be used to check tire pressure. It is not possible to determine whether the tire air pressure is normal by just visually checking the tire. Even if not adequately inflated, radial tires still look very normal. check inflated tire air pressure when tires are cold. “Cold Tires” means tires that have not been driven for more than three hours or have been driven not over 1.6 km.

Step 1. Remove the tire valve cap. The first is to remove the tiny cap that is installed on the tire valve.
Step 2. Hold tire gauge over the valve. The tire cannot be judged correctly for overinflation or underinflation by simply looking at it without using a tire pressure gauge. Use a Tyre pressure gauge to accurately check the Tyre pressure. Place the other end of the tire pressure gauge on the air valve inlet, the same position in replaces of the valve cap.

Step3. Press the tire gauge. Now firmly push the tire gauge straight to the air valve inlet. Hold the tire gauge from this position until the gauge scale displays the reading. Press the tire pressure gauge to the valve with force, and then the tire pressure will be displayed. No adjustment will be needed if the inflated pressure of the cold tire meets the recommended pressure valve on the tire and loading information label. If the pressure is too low, it is needed to inflate until the pressure value reaches the recommended value.

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Step 4. Compare the reading against the standard tire air pressure set by the car manufacturer, correct tire air pressure should be found on the car owner’s manual. If necessary, add air on the tire to increase tire air pressure then check again with the tire gauge. If the tire air pressure is too high, the valve core may be pressed to deflate until the pressure value reaches the recommended value

Step 5. After the check is completed, make sure to return the valve cap back to the valve core. The valve cap can prevent dust and moisture from entering the tire.

Tire Check and Rotation

Tires should be rotated for every 8,000 to 13,000 km driven. Whenever abnormal wear is found, you should rotate the tires as soon as possible and check the wheel alignment. It is also necessary to check to see whether the tires or wheels are damaged.

How Often to Rotate Tires
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