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Why Does My Car Shake on Idle

Car shakes when idle after starting, while idle the entire car is somewhat shaking. When the car shakes on idle after start up, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring.

Usually one or more cylinder on the engine combustion chamber is misfiring. You see engine consist of a cylinder in which naturally runs smoothly when it is firing properly, now if one or more of the cylinder misfire or did not fire properly the engine will be become imbalance, the imbalance creates vibration that is enough to make the car to shakes on idle during or after starting, the vibration is so extreme that cause the car to shake entirely.

With that said then the real problem is why is the engine misfire? There are several reasons that make the engine to misfire but the usual is bad spark plugs or bad spark plug wires or can be a worn distributor cap. Another reason is a burned valve but mostly occurred only on old cars. If the car have burned valve, the compression will suffer for the affected cylinder and if this happens the cylinder without compression will misfire and may result on car shaking.

What Causes Misfires in an Engine
What causes an engine to misfire? It will cause the engine not to run smoothly and it will create excessive engine vibration. Read more » What Causes Misfires in an Engine

What to do when car shakes at idle just after starting

Well, first thing to do is to replace the spark plug and the spark plug wires this can easily be done, no need for an expert mechanic. After the spark plug was replace observed if misfiring will occur after replacement. Replacing the spark plugs and the spark plug wires is the most common step in fixing the problem of engine misfiring. But in case replacing those parts did not solve the problem the next thing to do is to replace the distributor cap. Most car shop has those kinds of replacement parts.

If you decide to replace those parts yourself you have to check out your car repair manual, usually it indicates the procedure on how to replace the spark plug, spark plug wires and distributor cap. If you decide on not doing the repair, just bring the car to the car shop for servicing, ask the mechanic to have the car subjected to tune-up this will cover checking of those parts, if the problem is not been fixed then the last option is to check the car for burned valve and replace if necessary.

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