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Clicking Noise When Turning Coming from Front-end

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Clicking noise when turning that usually coming from the front-end is a result of faulty outboard CV joints or a damage binding front-end component, the clicking noise occurs when turning on a curve.

Clicking noise when turning caused

Faulty Out Board CV Joints

The faulty outboard CV joints are a problem that happens when your car is a front-wheel drive. The front-wheel car has CV Joints. CV joints stand for constant velocity joints, this is a flexible joint that allows the engine to transfer power into the front wheels smoothly. There are two types of CV joints, the outboard CV joint, and the inboard CV joints. The outboard CV joints are the one that is nearest to the wheel. Usually, when the outboard CV joints are damaged it will create a sound similar to clicking when the car is turning.

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Check the outboard CV Joint booth from underneath the vehicle where the clicking sound is heard. The booth is a rubber that contains the CV Joints. Refer to the manual to understand more about the location of the CV Joints booth. Inspect the booth if it is damaged or a thorn in any way, if the booth is damaged, probably the dirt coming from the road is causing the damage, this is why clicking sound occurs. Bring the car to a car shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the CV joints for any damage since the booth is damage and there is a clicking sound that occurred during turning.

Damaged Binding Front End Components

If your car is a rear-wheel-drive the possible cause of the problem is a damaged binding front end component. Since CV Joints problem is only possible for a front-wheel-drive vehicle. When the car is turning the front-end components is under more stress than when the car is running on a straight path. The added stress can cause the front components to bind which results in clicking noise when the car is turning. The most usual parts that cause the clicking noise is the steering knuckle, tie rod, control arm bushing, or ball joint.

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Bring the car to a reputable car shop and have a mechanic inspect the car's front end and repair it if necessary. You must address this problem immediately because the car is not safe to drive and it may result in a more serious problem if ignored.

Clicking Sound When Turning Steering Wheel
While turning the steering wheel when driving, the clicking sound is heard coming from the front end. This particular problem/noise can often be traced to something called a "CV Joint" (If so equipped).
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