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Grinding Noise when Braking

During braking grinding noise occurs. Several problems occurs on the brake system and the most common of them all is grinding noise when braking.

However, if the brake produce grinding sound it does not always mean that there is a brake problem but rather it warns the driver the brakes suffer excessively worn on the brake linings and this is the starts of a bigger problem that may occur if the driver neglect this sounds.

Grinding noise when braking is produced by a metal that rubs against the metal, brake lining composes of metal inside in which when excessively worn the metal will expose and have a tendency to rub against the rotor disc or drums and will produce sound and can easily notice especially by the driver. Excessive worn out of brake linings happens when the car owner neglect the brake maintenance of the car, is after the hearing the grinding noise and the driver continues to neglect the brakes suffer a bigger problem such as uneven contact between brake linings and the disc or drums at this point the driver will feel that the car shakes when braking.

To fix the grinding noise when braking, just replace the brake lining on the first time the grinding sound is heard. However if the car shakes when braking occurs, by just replacing the brake linings will not correct the problem but also you need to machine the brake disc or drums because it is possible that the disc or drums are damage due to continues rubbing of metal linings and the disc or drums, this job is costly. After the machining then that is the time to replace the linings so that the linings and the disc will have even contact with each other.

To prevent this problem from happening never neglect your car maintenance schedule, and when grinding noise is heard the first time, bring the car at once to a shop that specializes in brake repair to avoid a bigger problem.

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