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Rattling Sound Coming from Brake

There is a rattling noise coming from brake. Rattling sound that comes from the brake is usually caused of loose parts on the affected brakes.

Front Brakes

For the front brakes there are two parts that can cause the noise those are the anti-rattle springs which secure the brake pads and keeps the pads from rattling, or the caliper mounting bolts which secure the support bracket.

Rear Brakes

For the rear brakes the possible cause of rattling is the return springs, this part is the one that make the shoe in proper position and make the brake shoe to return to its original position after the brakes are released. 

There are other parts that may cause rattling but the parts mentioned is the most common reasons of brake rattling.

How to Fix Rattling Sound from Brakes

Bring the car to reputable auto repair shop and have a mechanic to inspect the brake. Probably the mechanic will have to remove the tire on the affected brakes to give way for the inspection of any loose parts that cause the rattling sound. The component mentioned above is the parts to be checked by the mechanic.

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