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Loud Engine Noise at High Speed

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When the car reaches high speed the engine sounds rough, but at normal speed, the engine sound is not rough or the sound is normal. Usually, the reason for this is because of the problem with spark plug or spark plug wires.

Loud engine noise at the high-speed reason

(1) Faulty sparkplug
(2) Faulty sparkplug wires

The usual cost of the engine that sounds rough when reaches high speed is the problem with the spark plug or spark plug wires. When the car runs faster, the spark plug will fire frequently therefore when there is a problem with the spark plug or its wires then it can easily be noticed at high speed. It is when the car is at high speed that the spark plug and the spark plug wires are put to their maximum usage.

Open the hood of the car and locate the spark plug, refer to the car manual if you are having a problem locating the spark plug. Once located, replace both the spark plug and the spark plug wires. Usually just replacing both parts will fix your problem of engine rough sounds at high speed.

However, if after the replacement of both parts the engine still sounds rough then the only option is to bring the car to a reputable shop and ask the mechanic to diagnose the car to determine what causes the engine to sound rough at high speed. Do not forget to mention to the mechanic about your diagnosis and that you already replace both the spark plug and spark plug wires. Explain to the mechanic all the work you have already done on the car so that the mechanic may correctly diagnose the problem.

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