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Iridium Spark Plug Gap

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Iridium-type spark plugs with low wear and tear used for the center electrode achieved a smaller diameter. Its melting point and hardness exceed that of the platinum type.

By thinning a center electrode, the electric potential will be concentrated and easily discharge sparks, so that a strong spark will be generated.

The spark plug condition has a direct effect on the performance of the car engine. This part is small and simple but used in a harsh environment and has a greater effect on the car when it is faulty.

The spark plug is said to be malfunction if it affects the performance of the car such as poor fuel consumption, hard to start the car, and when the car idling is unstable.

Iridium Sparkplug

Now a day some cars use iridium-type spark plugs because of low wear and tear to achieve a smaller diameter of the center electrode, the smaller diameter will make the center electrode discharge the sparks easily because the electric potential is concentrated and will result in the generation of strong spark. The melting point is much higher than the platinum-type spark plug.

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Iridium sparkplug benefits

By using the iridium-type spark plugs with low wear and tear for the center electrode, a smaller diameter is achieved. Its melting point and hardness exceed that of the platinum type. By thinning a center electrode, the electric potential will be concentrated and easily discharge sparks, so that a strong spark will be generated.

Iridium sparkplug gap

For the iridium-type spark plug, the gap adjustment is not required. Gap adjustment is not required. Cleaning should be performed in a short period of time with low pressure compressed air (0.59 Mpa, 6 kg/cm2, within 20 seconds). Installation should be performed with great care as described here.

Iridium Type Spark Plug Installation

1) Check first if the seat side for the installation of the plug is dirt-free and no foreign material is present. Make sure that the seat side for plug installation contains no foreign materials, and then screw the plug manually until it stops. Manually screw the spark plug until the spark plug is tight enough.

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Then using the spark plug wrench, tighten the spark plug. Tighten the plug to the specified torque.

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What are the requirements for a spark plug?

Spark plug insulation must withstand 10 to 30, it should withstand rapid heating and cooling. The strength must withstand 45 atmospheres or more and it must have good sealing performance. The spark plug electrode must have high resistance to wear and tear

Spark Plug Gap, Wear, and Tear of Electrode

The spark plug is a disposable part but also needs to maintain to maximize its performance. An example below is the illustration of a worn spark plug, notice the gap of the worn spark plug against the new one, as the spark plug used on a certain mileage the gap is getting wider. Spark plug wear and tear. Although it varies by the type of engine or condition of use, the wear and tear of a center electrode normally range from 0.1 to 0.15 mm per distance of 10,000 km for a normal type spark plug.

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The spark plug gap depends on the type of engine and the condition of how it was used, for commonly use spark plugs the gap of the center electrode is from 0.1 to 0.15 mm per distance of 10,000 km.

Spark Plug Heat Range

To be able for the spark plug to work properly the working temperature must be within the spark plug range. As per the illustration below the temperature at the lower limit is the self-cleaning temperature and the temperature on the upper limit is the pre-ignition temperature.

In selecting the spark plug the temperature near the center electrode must approximately 500 to 950 deg. Celsius, different engine has the different characteristic that affects the usage of the spark plug, therefore, the spark plug should be chosen to correspond to the combustion chamber temperature.

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Spark plugs can be divided into the hot type and cold type as shown in the above figure. A cold type has the characteristic of high heat radiation efficiency with the short pole while the hot type has a long distance for the heat to be released to the cylinder head. The type of spark plug to be used is described in your car Manual.

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Inspection of Spark Plug to Diagnose the Engine

One of the importance of checking the spark plug is that it can tell the condition of the engine whether the engine combustion is normal or abnormal.

Normal condition

The color of the insulator part of the central electrode is light brown, this electrode has minimal wear and tear.

Carbon adhesion

When there is carbon adhesion this means that the spark plug car is repeatedly driving a short distance and the ignition timing is retard. Also, this is an indication that the heat range is too high and the mixture ratio is too rich.

Oil adhesion

When there is oil adhesion this means that there oil coming in through the piston or the oil is coming in through the valve guide.

Crack in an insulator

Crack-in on the spark plug insulator is caused by incorrectly used of plug wrench.

Adhesion of lead

This means that gasoline with high lead content was used by a car.

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