Removal and Replacement of Injection Pump

Removal of the injection pump 
1. The ignition switch must be turned OFF and the battery ground cable must be disconnected.

2. The no.1 cylinder must be set at Top Dead Center (TDC) on its compression stroke and the fuel line around the pumps must drain OFF. Do not perform the work when the engine is hot.

3. Parts like the air duct, intake manifold collector, and other parts that obstruct during the work to be done must also be removed.

4. Check the alignment marked on the injection pump against the idle gear, this is a must procedure before removing the injection pump. When the alignment marks do not conform to the specification then this is a possibility that causes the injection pump malfunction.

5. Before removing the injection tubes, mark the tubes corresponding to cylinder number.

6. Cover the injection nozzle assembly and the delivery valve that is mounted on the distribution head to prevent the intrusion of dust on the system.

7. Disconnect the fuel cut solenoid valve connector then remove the accelerator wire. Next is to disconnect the overflow hose, fuel inlet hose, and fuel return hose.

8. Remove the injection pump gear nut then loosen the injection pump gear and remove the pump bracket.

9. Remove the vacuum pump if pump drive gear is engaged with the injection pump gear. When removing the vacuum pump be careful not to bend the oil tube.

10. Now remove the fixing nuts and bolts and then remove the injection pump. The injection pump cannot be repaired therefore the parts must be replaced.

Installation of the injection pump 
1. The number 1 cylinder must be set at TDC position on its compression stroke. Check for cracks, looseness, rust, and others before installing the injection pump. Check the pump shaft, it should rotate freely.

2. Check the injection pump gear teeth for excessive worn or scratches, if found to be damage replace the pump gear.

3. Position the mark of the injection pump gear near the idler gear alignment mark.

4. Align the key grooves on the injection pump shaft and the injection pump gear then install injection pump including the injection pump gear nut and temporary tighten the nut.

5. Tighten the injection pump fixing nut and install the injection pump bracket. Also, tighten the pump gear nut into the required torque.

6. Now return the vacuum pump and tighten all fixing nuts.

Injection timing adjustments 
1. Turn the crankshaft to the clockwise direction for two or three rounds. The number 1 cylinder should be set to Top Dead Center on its compression stroke.

2. Now loosen the injection pump mounting nuts and bolts for mounting brackets.

3. On the distributor's head, remove the plug bolt then install the dial gauge.

4. From the number 1 piston at Top Dead Center, turn the crankshaft counterclockwise to 40 to 45 degrees. Locate the dial gauge needle rest position and set the dial gauge to zero.

5. Slowly turn the crankshaft clockwise until the number 1 piston is set to Top Dead Center on the compression stroke and read the dial gauge indication. If the dial gauge indication is smaller than the specified value then turn the pump body to counter-clockwise hence if the indication is larger than the specified value then turn the pump body to clockwise.

6. Securely tighten the injection pump and remove the dial gauge.

7. Reinstall the plug bolt using a new washer then reinstall and reconnect all the removed parts.

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