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Car Vibrates at Certain Speeds

If a car vibrates at a certain speed means a problem with tires and wheels, specifically out of balance wheel, out-of-round tire, or out-of-round rim.

Car Trouble Symptoms

While driving, the entire car vibrates at certain speeds especially when the car reaches high speed.

Possible cause why car vibrates at certain speeds

1)The wheel is out of balance.
2)The tire is out of round.
3)The rim is out of round

Car Troubleshooting

The most common cause of car vibration while driving at a certain speed is a problem on tire and wheels, usually, it is the result of having a wheel that is not rotating evenly, the wheels vibrate when the car is driven. When the car reaches a certain speed the vibration of wheels becomes severe which is enough to cause the suspension components to also vibrate which in turn may also cause the entire car to vibrate.

Now how is it possible for the wheel to rotate unevenly?
There are two possibilities that make the wheel rotate unevenly, first is that when the wheel is out of balance, in this case, the weight of the wheel is not distributed evenly. During wheel assembly, the wheel is balanced so as to avoid the vibration of the car when the wheel is installed in the car.

A piece of metal called the wheel weights is installed on the wheel to compensate for the out of balance wheel when this piece of metal is detached to wheel for some reason the wheel will become out of balance.

Second, is that the rim or the tire is out of round. This means that tire or the rim is not perfectly round because of some flaws during manufacturing and this will result in the awkward rotation of the tire or rim which may cause the vibration of the car when driven.

What to do?
First is to have all four wheels of your car to undergo wheel balancing. There are two types of balancing, one is the static balancing in which the wheels are removed from the vehicle and the return after the wheels is a balance.  Another type is the dynamic balancing wherein the wheel is on the car while the wheels are being balanced.

How Tire Balancing is Conducted

Of the two types of balancing the dynamic balancing, the best practice is the dynamic balancing because it considers the influence of the brakes during wheel balancing, also while the wheels are being balanced the roundness of the rim or the tire can be determined. If the tire or rim is extremely out of round, replace it.

How Often to Rotate Tires
How often to rotate tires will depend on the mileage a car is driven. Tires should be rotated as soon as possible if tire wear is abnormal. Read more » How Often to Rotate Tires

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