Steering Wheel do not Return after Turning in a Curve

Normally when a car is coming out of the curve the steering wheel will return to its position for straight running, however sometimes after the car is coming out the curve after turning, the steering wheel does not return easily.

Possible cause of steering wheel not returning after turning

Problem with the front wheel alignment or binding of two or more components

This kind of problem involves purely technical know-how to fully understand the cause of the problem it takes a lot of knowledge on the alignment and the system of the front ends. We will try to explain what cause this kind of problem for better understanding.

The basic principle involving wheel alignment has something to do with the various angles setting of the wheel. There is several setting for the alignment depending on the car model but the related settings which has something to do with the steering wheel returnability after coming out the curve is the caster and steering axis inclination. If one of these two settings is not met the steering wheel will not return easily after turning and creates an even worse problem.

There is other cause for the steering wheel that does not easily return after the car is coming out the curve but is rarely to happen this is when one or more binding steering components such as the steering gear or ball joints. In this condition can cause the wheels and the steering wheel to resist going back straight after the vehicle is coming out of the curve.

How to fix the problem of the steering wheel that do not return easily after coming out of the curve especially when cornering.

Bring the car to a shop and have this vehicle subject to wheel alignment, usually this will fix the problem of steering that do not return easily after coming out of the curve. Base of the experience this can be fix easily. For the binding steering component this cannot be corrected with wheel alignment. It is very rare that binding components will happen but nevertheless when one or more components are binding it will need to be fixed and lubricated.

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