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What Causes the ABS Light to come on

When ABS light come on while driving, it means there is fault on the anti-lock brake system

What Causes the ABS Light to come on

1) Faulty on the anti-lock brake system

Car troubleshooting

Anti-lock brakes system or ABS is somewhat complicated. Several sensors are involved in the system including some fancy hydraulic devise and computer that monitors the system. If the dashboard warning lights for the anti-lock brakes system lit on then there is a fault somewhere in the system that causes the lights to turn on. However, it is also normal that the anti-lock lights will come on for a couple of seconds then turned off, this usually happened when the engine is started and the system is running for some self-tests.

Since the anti-lock lights came on while driving then it is not normal and there is something wrong with the system.

What to do?
First, we must understand first that the anti-lock brake system can only be activated when the driver steps hard on the brakes pedal like when the driver is panicking and the brake is suddenly applied. With that said, if there is a fault on the anti-lock system, this does not mean that the car doesn’t have brakes at all, but rather the anti-lock brake system is not working and that the regular brake system will still be working.

Fixing the problem on the anti-lock system is very expensive. So if you think there is no need for you to have anti-lock brake system in your every day driving then it is better that you skip fixing the problem since the regular brake on your car will still be functioning.

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