Gear Shift Not Working for Automatic Transmission

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Gear Shift Not Working for Automatic Transmission

Gear shift for automatic transmission is not working when the shift lever is moved the reason for this is a bad fluid pump or a gear selector problem.


Gear Shift is Not Working Possible Causes

Bad Fluid Pump 

For the automatic transmission to operate properly, it is dependent on the pressure of the hydraulic fluid. The pressure is created when the fluid pump creates pressure when the pump is pumping hydraulic fluid throughout the transmission assembly. Now, when the pump is not working all the gears will not be working. image
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Have the car towed to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to check the fluid pump and repair if necessary, if the mechanic is recommending to tear down the transmission do not agree but instead seek first for a second opinion.

Gear Selector Linkage Problem 

The gear selector linkage is a transmission component that determines which of the gear range is going to operates. When the gear selector linkage has a problem such as out of adjustments or is broken then it will not operate properly and the gear will not respond when the driver move the shift level.

If this kind of problem happens you will not be able to dive your car therefore have it towed to a reputable car shop for checking, ask the mechanic to look into the gear selector linkage.

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