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Car Runs then Dies

Initially the car runs after starting then after several seconds the car dies. The possible reasons is run on, fast idle speed or leak on fuel injectors.


Run On

Several reasons can cause the car to run then dies and to determine the cause of the problem will depend on the condition when the problem occurs. Since the problem happens just several seconds after the car is started then the problem is “Run On”. When the engine is extremely hot the “Run On” occurs as a result the engine will die. Because of too much internal engine heat the unburned gases that is inside the combustion chambers will self-ignite, “Run On” occurs until all the unburned fuel is burned up.

If your car encounter this kind of problem there is nothing much to do, however use a high octane gasoline the next time you refuel the car to prevent the “Run On” from happening. High octane gasoline has a tendency to burn lowly and resist “Run On”. Also have the car check on a car shop to determine why the engine develop too much heat that triggers “Run On”, there might be some problem with the car cooling system.

Fast Idle Speed

After Starting observed if the idle speed of the car is faster than normal because when the idle speed is fast “Run On” will likely to occur. Fast idle speed can make the engine received fuel at a faster rate than normal, If this is the case some fuel will remains inside the cylinder and this fuel will self ignite until all the fuel is burned when the engine is extremely hot.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to adjust the idle speed, if the car is fuel injection the idle speed must be adjusted by a qualified person because it is difficult to adjust the idle speed a person has no knowledge on the system. Usually a fuel injection idle speed cannot be adjusted but instead some parts is necessary to be replaced to correct the idle speed.

Leak on Fuel Injectors

Another possible cause why a car will run then die after several seconds is leak fuel injectors. Usually when the engine is shut-off the fuel injectors is closed to prevent the fuel leak out the cylinder. If the fuel leak out the fuel will self-ignite when the engine temperature is extremely high.
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Bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check for any leaks on the fuel injectors. Replace the injectors to fix the problem.

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