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Engine Pinging Noise when Driving Uphill

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The engine produces pinging noise when driving uphill but no noise when driving on normal roads. The reason is that low octane gasoline is used, the air is thin or the load sensor is faulty.

Reason for Engine pinging noise when driving uphill

Filling of Low Octane Gasoline

Filing your car with low-grade gasoline specifically a low octane gasoline can cause engine pinging noise while driving this is because low octane gasoline will easily burn. When the engine is running the low-grade gasoline will self-ignite just before the piston reaches the top of the combustion chamber this phenomenon is called pre-ignition.

Pre-ignition is usually occurring when the engine is extremely hot especially when driving uphill where the engine is under stress. Low-grade gasoline is that gasoline will octane rating of 88 and below.

Next when you fill your car with gasoline fill it with high octane gasoline, those with an octane rating of 93 and higher. The octane rating can be determined by looking at the label printed on the fuel pump in every fueling station. Gasoline with an octane rating will not burn easily and resist pre-ignition to happen. If there is no pre-ignition inside the engine the pinging noise of the engine will be avoided.

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Thin Air is Causing Pinging Noise

Another reason why an engine produces pinging noise when driving uphill is that the air is thin. Air in high altitude areas is thin therefore when the engine is under severe stress especially when driving uphill the fuel will self-ignite inside the combustion chamber earlier than it should be thereby causing a pinging sound from the engine.

If you are expecting to drive your car uphill, fill the car with high octane gasoline, this prevents re-ignition of the fuel inside the combustion chamber especially when the air is thin like in high altitude areas.

Load Sensor is Faulty

Another reason for pinging sound from the engine is when the load sensor is faulty. This only happens in the fuel injection system. The fuel injection system has a gadget called the “load sensor” the purpose of the load sensor is to measure the load of the engine. When the load of the engine is high especially when driving uphill it will send a signal to the control unit indicating that the engine has a high load, using the information the control unit will calculate the data to adjust the engine operation and avoid the pinging sound.

Now, if the load sensor is faulty it will not send a correct signal to the engine control unit, therefore, a pinging sound will occur especially when driving uphill.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to check the load sensor. Have the sensor replace if found to be faulty. Pinging sound coming from the engine is an indication of pre-ignition which if left uncorrected can cause damage to the engine.

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