All Brakes Partly on after Brake Pedal is Release

After the brake pedal is release all brakes are still partly on. This is because of the brake drag or a problem on the master cylinder.

Possible Cause of Partly on Brakes after Brake Pedal is Release

Incomplete Retraction of Brake Pedal Causing Brake Drag

Check the area around the brake pedal for anything that restricts the movement of the brake pedal. Normally the brake pedal will move freely within an inch or two then after that the movement will have resistance since the brake will start to engage at this point.

If the pedal is not fully retracting then the problem is an incomplete retraction of the brake pedal, in this case the brake pedal is always at down position and the brake is somewhat always engaging which causes brake to start dragging even when the pedal is release.

Check all around the brake pedal and determine what causes the pedal to bind, one cause of this is the bunched up carpet. If you cannot determine the cause of binding then bring the car to a reputable shop and tell the mechanic about your diagnosis.

Master Cylinder Problem

Since all brakes are still partly on after the brake pedal is release and that the brake pedal is not binding then the possible cause is the problem on the master cylinder. The master cylinder is the one that provides hydraulic pressure to activate all brakes on all four wheels, if the master cylinder does not completely letting up the hydraulic pressure after the brake pedal is release then the brake will still partly on.

Bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the brake master cylinder, usually the master cylinder push rod out is out of adjustments. Another component to check is the primary piston cup if the cup is swollen also the bypass port is blocked.

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