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Prevent Common Car Problems With These Tips

As car owners, it’s our duty to keep our vehicles healthy. In this piece, I’ve got some handy tips that can help keep your car free from any problems:
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Keep Your Car Warm
Have you ever woken up in the morning and got ready to go to work. You jump in your car and turn the ignition, only for it to stutter and stall. After a few minutes of annoyance, you concede that your car won’t start. So, you phone up someone to come and fix it. Most of the time, the reason it won’t start is because the engine got too cold overnight. This is why issues like this happen a lot in the winter when it’s cold. Sometimes, it might take three or four tries and then start, but there’s the risk it just won’t start at all. To minimise this risk, I recommend keeping your car warm. If possible, store it in a garage instead of out in the open. If you don’t have a garage, the least you could do is cover it with a thick sheet. When your car is warm, the engine won’t freeze over and problems aren’t likely to occur.

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Always Have The Right Tyres At Hand
A lot of people don’t know this, but your car needs different tyres for different conditions. During the winter, you’ll need to get some specific winter tyres fitted on your car. Typically, these are thick tyres with extra grip. You fit them to your car so you can handle the slippery winter conditions a lot better. It prevents accidents from happening and stops you skidding all over the place. Plus, they can stand up to the cold weather so there’s less risk of your tyres getting a puncture or wearing out quickly. Then, when summer rolls around, you’re likely to need different tyres again. It’s here that you’ll need tyres more suited to the summer months, like the Bridgestone turanza er300. You won’t need extra thick tyres anymore; you’ll want something lighter and more comfortable. Again, having the right tyres can prevent typical tyre issues from happening.
How Often to Rotate Tires
How often to rotate tires will depend on the mileage a car is driven. Tires should be rotated as soon as possible if tire wear is abnormal. Read more » How Often to Rotate Tires

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Don’t Forget To Clean Your Car
You’ll be amazed at some of the car problems that can be solved with a little elbow grease. Yes, cleaning your car is important to keep it healthy and to work properly. When you don’t clean your car, you’re allowing loads of dirt and sludge to build up. These things can end up getting into important pieces of your vehicle. Mud can build up and crust over, causing brake pad failure. Too much sludge can build up in your exhaust and cause faults there. It’s so important that you clean your car regularly to keep it working well. Especially if you do a lot of off-road driving, and your vehicle gets dirty all the time.

Follow these three tips and you can prevent some of the most common car problems out there. None of these tips are hard to understand or follow; anyone can make sense of them!

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