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Van Problems That Afflict Tradespeople

Tradespeople are dependent on their vans. But all too often they are let down by them with serious financial consequences. Not being able to get to their customers or do their work takes its toll.
But when it comes down to it, there are usually only a dozen or so problems that commonly afflict tradespeople. Here are some of the most common afflictions.

Spark Plug Failure
Spark plugs are what enable the fuel in the engine to be combusted. In a sense, they're the heart and the soul of the internal combustion engine. But because they're in constant use, they're also prone to going wrong.
Reliable models, like the Mercedes Sprinter van, tend not to have much trouble here. But other vans with lower quality parts often develop problems. Most business owners will schedule spark plug replacement costs every couple of years or so. And issues should be obvious if your van is serviced regularly.

Clutch Cable Breaks
Clutches are famously temperamental. And it's no surprise given the forces that they are under. Vans tend to suffer terrible problems with their clutches because of the way they're driven and the fact that they are in constant use. But one of the most common things that can go wrong is a broken clutch cable.
The first sign that something is wrong is when the feel of the clutch pedal changes as you push down on it.

Starter Motor Fails
Modern starter motors tend to be quite robust. But older vehicles have always struggled, especially in colder weather. Starter motors should be checked at each van service for faults. If there are faults, they're usually relatively easy to resolve and can save you a lot of trouble when they are.

Alternator Issues
The alternator is the thing that converts the energy in your tank into the energy stored in your battery. It's essential for running everything in your car that needs electricity. That includes the radio, the headlights, and the engine management system.

But more often than not, the alternator can go wrong in vans. Usually, the first sign that something is up is that the headlights dim while you are idling. Dimmed headlights are a sure sign that the alternator is struggling in some way. Usually, the best response is to ring your nearest garage immediately.

A more serious problem occurs when your ignition warning light comes on, and the temperature of the engine rises dramatically. When this happens, it suggests that the belt that actually drives the alternator and the water pump may have snapped. In this case, it's best to turn off your engine immediately and wait at the side of the road to be towed away.

Damage To Tyres And Wheels
It used to be the case that you could pick up tyres on the cheap. But not anymore. For some reason, their price has continued to climb. Many vans are running with wheels that are not adequately aligned. And this is causing their tyres to wear unevenly, shortening their life. Check that your wheels are regularly aligned and save yourself a ton of money.

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