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Family Fuel: Gearing Up To Buying A Family Car

The time has come. You or your partner is now due to give birth to your first child. The emotions you will feel will consist of extreme highs and lows, and you will ask so many questions. “Am I good enough?” “Will I cope?” And probably the most important one of all, “do I really have to trade in my old sports car for something sensible?” In one simple word, yes. Yes you do. But there are many reasons that you will need to upgrade (or downgrade, depending on your perspective) to something with more room for your shopping and the buggy. In this guide I will show you what to look for when purchasing a family friendly vehicle.

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To paraphrase Star Trek, it is the final frontier when it comes to purchasing a family friendly vehicle. You need to think about this in relation to your family intentions, do you plan on having a large family or just the one child? If one is plenty, then you won’t need to think about upgrading to a much bigger vehicle, but think about leg room in the back seat and if it will be enough.

Fuel Consumption
You will need to think more economically now, especially when it comes to doing the school run. So, thinking about MPG and engine size versus the amount of miles you may cover in a given time will give you an idea of what to look for.

Safety Features
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Here is where your car needs to be reliable. When it comes to installing car seats for children, in new models it is compulsory to obtain an Isofix seat or base (or LATCH if you’re in America), making the seat more secure. But that does depend on if you wish to purchase brand new or go for used models.

Boot Space
There will be a huge amount of shopping you’re going to be packing as well as the pram. You are going to need something with vast amounts of space so you don’t end up playing car boot tetris. You need to think about long journeys and are you planning on many overnight stays with your newborn? If so, a hatchback can provide the boot space.

You had plenty of finances to pay tax for your 2.0 litre engine before your little one came along? Well, you now need to penny pinch where you can because it appears that having a child seems to come with lots of hidden costs! The more powerful the car, the more the cost.

Not just to keep the children entertained on long journeys. Well, primarily for that. A lot of newer models of cars are now equipped with plug sockets and bluetooth. And if you find a car with bluetooth and mobile attachments and you can relive your younger, more carefree days.

Making sure the car is in working order will be a habit you need to get into. So if you are not used to checking the oil, and making sure the tires have enough tread on them. Having a handy list of mechanics or places where you can get replacement parts, such as cummins engine parts or whatever friends or family recommend to you. That way, if you need to get a spare part at a moment’s notice, you can find the dealers that are reputable and affordable for your budget.

Buying a car for the extended family unit comes with many issues, but ultimately it’s the safety of your family that comes first and foremost. When looking at new or used vehicles it is always something that should take priority. Becoming a parent is a wonderful and sometimes difficult journey, so you should have a car that makes that journey a bit easier.

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