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The Essential Equipment Used in a Car Repair Garage

The functioning of a car repair garage is very important. Anyone interested in cars and car repair should understand how they work and what equipment is used inside them. There are many essential pieces of equipment that need to be used in order for car repairs to be carried out. There have also been big changes in recent years, so read on to find out more.

Hand Tools

The most basic tools are often the most important. Hand tools have always been used every day in the garage environment. And that’s as true now as it ever has been. Hand tools are cheap and simple, and they are used to carry out basic tasks. Things like pneumatic wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers will be found in every garage. Measuring tools are used a lot too. Oil levels and air pressure levels in tyres have to be tested all the time. These tasks are easy to take care of thanks to the latest hand tools. Without these basic tools, a garage wouldn’t be a garage.


Electronic Diagnostics

These days, much of what goes on under the hood of the car is controlled electronically. Of course, this isn’t true for older vehicles. But for new ones, electronic diagnostics equipment has to be used. You have to plug in the tool and let it get to work with diagnosing the problem at hand. It then receives data, and this data can help the mechanic to diagnose whichever problem the car is experiencing. The data that is received is usually compared to the data provided by the manufacturer. When the data is different in some way, it’s a signal that there is a problem that needs addressing.

Exhaust Extraction System

The fumes that come out of cars can be dangerous when the car is located in an indoor environment like a garage. That’s why it’s important for fumes to be extracted from the car’s exhaust. This stops the gases from causing problems for the people working in the garage. This is important because it’s often necessary for a car’s engine to be running while work is being carried out on it. Companies like Fume a Vent specialise in the installation of these kinds of systems in car repair garages.


Lifting and Hoisting Equipment

Mechanics often need to gain access to the part of the car on the underside. They have to be able to see what’s going on down there to find out what’s wrong. And many repairs need to be carried out on that part of the car. It’s where the wheel frame and the exhaust are located. So, when the mechanic has to have a closer look at this part of the car, they need to use lifting and hoisting equipment. Big pneumatic lifts tend to be used to move cars high up in a way that is quick and easy. Jacks can be used for smaller tasks. But when a big repair job needs to be carried out, lifts and hoists are vital.


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