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Outside of Tire Wear on Edges

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Tires wearing on outside is a result of positive camber problem. Outside of tire wear means the tire is too much tilted away from the vehicle.

Wheel alignment is the angle and position with which wheels are attached to the vehicle body. Wheel alignment is an important function that directly affects vehicle performance such as running, turning, and stopping.

Wheel alignment is set up on the front and rear wheels, and it can be measured with the vehicle in the straight-ahead position and stopped on level ground.

A wheel alignment usually refers to the front wheels, but on passenger cars, wheel alignment refers to the front and rear wheels. Incorrect wheel alignment may cause uneven tire wear or the steering to be affected by wheel jerking. When the wheels on a vehicle are aligned, there is a balance between the points shown in the figure.

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It is unusual for the tire wearing on the outside, this is obviously a problem on the positive camber alignment problem. Camber adjustment is the adjustment on the tilting of the wheel it can either be a negative camber or a positive camber.

The main advantages of precise wheel alignment are ease to control of the steering, fuel consumption will be improved, vibration and noise on the tire will be reduced, steering stability and vehicle handling response will be improved, and it will prevent prematurely and accelerated outside of tire wear.

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Since the outside of tire wear abnormally then the problem is the positive camber alignment, positive camber is the tilting of the wheel away from the car frame. Likewise, if the problem is the tire wear on the inside edge the problem is the negative camber alignment

What causes outside tire wear

(1) Positive camber wheel alignment is incorrect

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Incorrect wheel alignment may cause unstable vehicle handling (difficult to drive straight, pull to one side, etc) and uneven/ premature tire wear like tire wearing on the outside.

The purpose of the camber is to maximize the tire gripping force, keeping the tire angle as vertical to the road surface as possible for the wheel travel up and down caused by the load fluctuation or vehicle body rolling.

When looking at the front of the front wheels as shown in the illustration below, one wheel appears to be leaning outward and one appears to be leaning inward. The angle between the vertical line and the centerline of the wheel is called the camber. The camber varies among the models, but generally, the camber angle is between 0.5 and 2 degrees.

The wheel shown on the right in the figure which is leaning outwards at the top is said to have a positive camber while it is said that the wheel that leans inward at the top has a negative camber.

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What to do when the tire wear on the outside edge. Bring the car to the tire shop to have an alignment job, usually, it is better to have an alignment job if the tire is new. Sometimes the mechanic will ask you to replace some of the suspension parts do not agree with the mechanic's recommendation until you seek a second opinion from another shop mechanic.

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