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Why Does My Car Just Dies While Driving?

Why does my car just die while driving? Car runs then dies after several seconds. Lots of things can cause this kind of problem, the causes depend on the condition when the problem occurs. The engine will run on a few seconds then dies, this situation is called “Run On”. Run on makes the Engine dies when the engine is extremely hot.

The cause of the problem is extreme internal engine heat. When the engine temperature is too high any unburned fuel that is inside the combustion chamber will self-ignite and runs on occurs until all the unburned fuel is burned up.

What to do?
When this problem occurs there is nothing much you can do. However, using high octane gasoline can prevent this problem from happening because high octane gasoline tends to burn slowly and resist run on than the low octane gasoline. Also, bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check the engine cooling system since the engine develops extremely high temperature that causes run on.

When engine idling speed is faster than normal

The most likely cause of the problem is fast idle speed Run On is also occurred when the idle speed is fast and when the idle speed is fast it means that the engine received fuel at a faster rate than normal. This cause unburned fuel remains inside the cylinder and will self-ignite when the engine is extremely hot and runs on until all the fuel is burned up. To fix the problem lower the idle speed, when your car is fuel injection the idle speed must be adjusted by a qualified person because it is a difficult job for a person with no knowledge on the system because usually it cannot be adjusted but rather you have to replace some parts in correcting the idle speed.

For a car with fuel injection system

This problem can cause by a leak on fuel injectors. Usually, this problem occurs on the fuel injection system when the fuel injectors are leaking.

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Supposed to be when the engine is shut off the fuel injectors is closed and prevents the fuel to leak out into the cylinder. If there is a leak, the fuel will self-ignite when the engine temperature is high thus run on occurs. Bring the car to shop and ask the mechanic to check the injectors for any leak. Replace the injectors to correct the problem.

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