How to Turn On Hazard Lights

The hazard warning light switch is between the two central air vents. In the event of emergency congestion, the hazard warning light may be used to draw the attention of other road users and avoid traffic accidents. In the event of the following situations, the hazard warning light should be turned on:
1. Vehicle breaks down due to technical fault.
2. Vehicle is at the end of the vehicle flow in traffic congestion.
3. There is emergency congestion.
4. When the vehicle tows another car or is towed by another car. After the hazard warning light is switched on, all the turn signal lights will flash at the same time. The two turn signal indicator lights on the instrument cluster and the indicator light on the hazard warning light switch will also flash. When the start/ stop button is in “OFF” mode, the hazard warning light will still work.

• Long hours of use of the hazard warning light will consume battery power. Even when the start/stop
button is in “OFF” mode, it will also consume battery power.
• When using the hazard warning light, be absolutely sure to strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations.
• If the hazard warning light does not work, other ways must be adopted to draw the attention of other road
users to your car. The method used must comply with the relevant traffic laws and regulations.

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