Anti-lock Braking System Warning Light Came On While Driving

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Anti-lock Braking System Warning Light Came On While Driving

Anti-lock Braking System Warning Light

If the anti-lock braking system warning light came on while driving this indicates fault somewhere in anti-lock brake system An anti-lock brake system is fairly complicated. It involves several sensors, fancy hydraulic devices, and a computer to regulate/monitor it. Now then, when the anti-lock light comes on while driving, this (very simply) means that something somewhere is wrong with the anti-lock system.

By the way, it should be mentioned that the anti-lock light will usually come on for a couple seconds or so whenever the engine is started. This is normal and simply an indication the system is running some self-tests. But... you indicated (in the problem you chose) that the light came on while driving. This isn't normal and something is wrong.

Understanding Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

What to do?

An anti-lock brake system only kicks in when the driver steps really hard on the brake pedal (e.g. during "panic" braking). So, a fault in the anti-lock brake system doesn't mean you don't have brakes - it simply means the anti-lock brakes will not work or at least will not work well.

However, the standard or regular brake system will still work fine. Now then, diagnosing and fixing an anti-lock brake system is typically very expensive. You may opt to skip fixing the anti-lock brakes as long as you know you won't have the safety advantage they provide (on icy roads, for example).

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