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Brake Light Warning is Flashing

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If the brake light warning is flashing, this generally indicates that the brake fluid is slightly low.

You might not know but at the top of the brake fluid reservoir, there's a sensor that causes the brake warning light to go on whenever the brake fluid level is low. Since the brake warning light is flashing while driving for a second or so and did not stay on continuously, the brake fluid level must be just slightly low.

Usually, when the ignition is turn on is the warning light will be lit when the braking system conducts self-detection, and then will go off after the self-detection is completed. If the brake light does not go off or appears while driving, it indicates that the braking system has a fault.

If this warning light is lit while driving and stay on or the brake light is flashing, you should immediately stop your car if it is safe to do so, do nOT repeatedly depress the brake pedal. Instead, you should stop and check the fluid level.

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You probably noticed the light flashing when you drove over a dip or bump. This caused the brake fluid in the reservoir to slosh and, for a second, the fluid was not in contact with the sensor. Consequently, the warning light came on.

What to do?
Buy yourself a can of high-quality brake fluid ("DOT 3" or "DOT 4", as it's called) and carefully add just enough to top off the brake fluid reservoir. Do not leave the brake fluid reservoir open any longer than necessary. Doing so will cause the brake fluid to become contaminated by moisture in the air and this will then lead to a whole slew of new problems. Also, for the same reason, throw the can of brake fluid away when done.

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