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From a Stop Car Shake as Clutch Pedal is released

Without a professional inspection of the transmission, it's hard to determine the exact cause of this problem. But the most likely cause of the problem is the following.

(1)Loose engine transmission bolts, or faulty clutch disc.

As mentioned, only a professional mechanic can determine the exact cause of this problem. However, the suggested causes are good guesses. Why? Well, in the first case, the engine/transmission bolts are of course necessary to keep the engine and transmission connected and stable.

If one or more of the bolts are loose, the transmission assembly will have a tendency to vibrate. This vibration will be most noticeable when the clutch engages from a stop (i.e. when the clutch pedal is released) and, as you indicated in the problem you chose, even cause the entire vehicle to shake.

In the second case, when the clutch pedal is released, the clutch disc is pressed against something called the flywheel. This allows the transfer of engine power to the transmission. If the clutch disc is faulty (e.g. warped, bent, loose), it will not make even contact with the flywheel. As a result, severe vibration will occur between the two parts which can be felt throughout the vehicle.

What to do?
In this situation, you'll really have no choice but to take this car to a repair shop and have the mechanic examine the clutch/transmission assembly. Hopefully, for your sake, this car is covered under some sort of warranty or a service contract. If not, try to find a reputable car repair shop specializing in transmission repair and bring the car for repair.

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