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White Smoke from Exhaust - Diesel Engine

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If you notice the white smoke from the exhaust of the diesel engine only when the engine is very cold, then it is normal. This is because the condensation is steaming off.

When a cold engine is started, any condensation that has formed, say during the night or while the engine sat, will steam off and come out the exhaust. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

What to do? Do nothing. No Remedy Necessary.
If you notice the white smoke even if the engine has warmed up, then it is a problem and usually, it is a blown head gasket that causing it.

As indicated that the white smoke coming from the exhaust appears at all times. This is a clear indication of a blown head gasket. The head gasket is a thing that goes between the cylinder head and the engine block.

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Basically, it does what any gasket is supposed to do - seal something or keep something from leaking. A head gasket keeps the water from entering the cylinders. When it is "blown" or has a break in it, what then happens is some of the water (that is used to cool the engine) leaks into a cylinder and burns off as steam. This steam then comes out of the exhaust.

Blue Smoke from Diesel Engine
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What to do?

You'll need a new head gasket. If you would like to do this procedure yourself, refer to the appropriate auto manual for detailed instructions. Beware that this is a fairly involved job. Otherwise, find a reputable shop to do the work. Explain to the mechanic exactly what this article explained to you.

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