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Air Barely Blows Out Even with Fan at Highest Setting

If air barely blows out even with fan at the highest setting, it indicates a problem with the blower or physical blockage of ducts.

Problem With Blower
Whenever air barely blows out the vents, the blower (a.k.a. "fan") is always a prime suspect. In particular, the blower motor may be failing or the blower wheel may be slipping from the blower motor shaft. Another possibility is that the blower will only operate at it's the lowest speed, regardless of which setting it's on. 

For example, even when the blower/fan is on its highest setting, it sounds like it's on its lowest setting. This is caused by a faulty dashboard blower/fan switch assembly (specifically, loose wires or bad resistors).

Physical Blockage Of Ducts
Obviously, if the ducts are blocked, airflow will be restricted. One possibility involves a heavy accumulation of leaves in the fresh-air intake port. However, this will only affect air output when the system is set to "fresh". The other possibility is that one or more of the air doors (inside the ducts) is stuck in a closed or nearly closed position, thus restricting airflow.

What to do?
First, check the fresh-air intake port for leaves/debris which may be blocking it. This port is located on the outside of the vehicle near the base of the windshield... you may have to open the hood to get full access to it. As was mentioned in the explanation for this diagnosis, blockage of this port will only affect the system when it's set to "fresh". However, if air barely blows out the vents even when the system is set to "recirculate", you've got a more serious situation than that of a simple leaves/debris buildup.

In this case, you'll need to take this vehicle to a mechanic who has some expertise in the area of auto A/C and heater systems. Unfortunately, the mechanic will (in most cases) need to tear apart the dashboard in order to get at the blower and the various ducts of the system. Good luck.

No Air Coming Out of Vents in Car
car ac not blowing air from vents because of a faulty blower fan or air duct blockage. A faulty blower fan can make the car ac stopped working. Read more: Air Not Blowing Out of Vents in Car

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