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Car Air Conditioner Blows Cold then Warm

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The car air conditioner blows cold then warm because of a failing compressor or ac system electrical failure, usually a loose wire.

The car air conditioner blows cold then warm, the warm air randomly comes out the car air conditioning vents, the problem is somewhat on and off. When a car air conditioning system blows warm air in a random fashion, this is an indication of two possible problems. The first one is that the car a/c unit has a failing compressor and the second one is that the a/c unit has a problem with the electrical system.

Let’s have a look first at the failing compressor. The compressor is the heart of the car air conditioning system and the refrigerant moves through every component of the system because of the compressor. Once the compressor fails, the flow of the refrigerant within the system will stop, thus warm air will start to come out of the conditioning vents.

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Now, another problem is when the air conditioning unit has an electrical problem, usually a loose wire. When the wiring is loose, it can affect the components of the air conditioning system, the components will seize to function and can cause the warm air that comes out of the air conditioning vents. However, once the wire regains contact, the affected air condition components will start to work making the air conditioning unit function normally.

The reason why car air conditioner blows cold than warm

(1) Failing compressor.
(2) Electrical system problem.

What to do?
Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in car air conditioning systems, and ask the mechanic to inspect the compressor and air condition wiring for any trouble and repair if necessary. Tell the mechanic that the problem is randomly encountered and that you have done your diagnosis.

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