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Steering Wheel Shakes While Driving

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While driving and you noticed that the steering wheel shakes, shaking is so extreme and annoying, especially for those meticulous drivers to which any abnormalities that happened to their car, they can easily notice.

Driving a car with a shaking steering wheel is not safe for a long time, once you notice abnormalities on your steering wheel, have it check as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of a more serious problem which may develop in a certain period if neglected.

What Makes Your Steering Wheel Shake While Driving

(1) Out of balance front wheel.
(2) Lose front-end parts.

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Let's examine each of these possible causes. Incidentally, the first is the more common of the two...

Out of Balance Front Wheel

When a car is running on the road, only the 4 tires touch the road. The tire transfers the powers such as driving force, braking force, and steering force while it is rotating. A tire malfunction is the most likely cause of shaking steering among the causes listed above.

What makes your steering wheel shake while driving with an out of balance tire? Vibration caused by an unbalanced tire is transmitted to the steering wheel via the steering system, which results in shaking of the steering wheel.

If the wheel is out of balance its weight isn't evenly distributed throughout (i.e. there are "heavy spots"). Such a wheel will rotate unevenly. Also, it'll often vibrate when the vehicle reaches a certain speed.

This vibration is transmitted directly to the steering linkage and, ultimately, up to the steering wheel as is the case with this vehicle. A wheel can become imbalanced if one of the small metal (i.e. "balancing") weights falls off it or, if its tire gets "out of round" (i.e. not perfectly round).

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Loose Front End Part

Front-end parts such as tie rods and ball joints will vibrate if they're loose. Due to the overall design (i.e. "geometry") of the front end, these parts will often vibrate severely when the vehicle reaches a certain speed. As before, this vibration will ultimately transfer up to the steering wheel.

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What to do?
First, have the front wheels balanced. This procedure is fairly inexpensive and, seven out of ten times, it'll fix the problem. However, if the problem persists after the wheels have been balanced, the front end of this vehicle will need to be inspected

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