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Why Do My Brakes Make A Grinding Noise

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The occurrence of brake noise and vibration and wear of the pad and lining are the main servicing items of the brake system. Brake grinding noise is usually caused by two reasons, one is the brake pads worn down excessively.

And the other one is because dirt, rust, flaw, and dust on sliding surfaces of the rotor and drum cause a rubbing noise called groan or grinding, which is similar to the noise caused when metals are rubbed together. The noise occurs when the metal base of the pad is rubbed together with the rotor when the pad is worn out completely.

Brake trouble symptoms
When I pressed the brake pedal During braking, I noticed my brakes make a grinding noise coming on either the front or rear brake.

The reason why my brakes make a grinding sound

(1) Excessively worn brake linings.
(2) Dirt, rust, flaw, and dust on sliding surfaces.

The brake linings are worn down to the metal and they are rubbing against the disc or drum (i.e. depending on if grinding is coming from front or rear) when you apply the brakes; this results in the grinding sound you are hearing. In other words, they are worn to the bone, there is nothing left, and they have been neglected too long.

What I do?
Firstly, I Clean the disc brake rotor and pad, because wear powder of pad, etc. on the brake rotor can cause abnormal noise. It is also effective to make a slit in the disc pad to prevent wear powder of the pad from adhering to the rotor.

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Second, my car's brakes have been neglected long time and as a result, it cost me huge amount of money fixing it. If you have the same problem as I dud First, you'll need a new brake lining. Second, you'll need to at least have the brake discs or drums (i.e. depending on if grinding is coming from front or rear) machined in order to smooth out the damage done by the grinding. If the damage is extreme, the mechanic may suggest new discs or drums (i.e. again, depending on if grinding is coming from the front or rear).

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If this grinding sound is neglected this will damage the brake drum or the brake disc depending on what brake is affected. Grinding brakes is a result of excessively worn brake linings because sometimes the car owner is not paying attention to the noise once it was heard when the lining wears off, the metal part of the brake pad or the brake shoe rub against the brake disc or drum and can damage the rotor or the drum.

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