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Why Grinding Sound is Heard When Shifting Into All Gears

The reason for grinding sound when shifting into all gears

1. The clutch is not releasing fully.

Car troubleshooting

Clutch not releasing fully is most likely the cause of the problem. As indicated in the problem there is grinding sound occurs when shifting into all gears. This suggests a problem with something that affects the meshing of all gears (and not just one or more particular gears). The main thing that comes to mind is that the clutch is not releasing fully when the clutch pedal is depressed. The purpose of the clutch is to disconnect the engine from the transmission in order to allow the driver to change gears. So then, if the clutch is not fully releasing, the gears will clash/grind when shifting.

What to do?
If this vehicle is under warranty or a service contract, you're covered. Otherwise, you'll need to seek out a reputable shop that specializes in manual transmissions. When you do find a reputable shop, ask the mechanic to inspect the clutch linkage - it may only need a simple adjustment to correct the likely possibility that the clutch is not releasing fully. Never agree to a transmission teardown until you have received several opinions from different shops.

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