Car Starts but Black Smoke Comes out the Exhaust Initially

Car problem symptom: Car starts but black smoke comes out from exhaust during initial starting.

Troubleshooting car problems: When the car is equipped with fuel injection system it is controlled by electronic engine control. In this case the car has many sensors that monitor some of the engine factors and send the information to the car computer called the electronic engine control. The EEC will use the information to determine the exact amount of fuel needed to inject into the cylinder.

Now, when one of the sensors is faulty wrong information will be send on the EEC which may result to more amount of fuel injected into the cylinder, the excess amount of fuel will burned and creates black smoke coming out the exhaust.

Car problems: It is possible that the engine sensor is faulty.

 Free car diagnostic recommendation: Bring the car to shop and ask the mechanic to check the engine. Probably the mechanic will test the engine using an engine analyzer. The mechanic should be able to determine the cause of the problem by looking at the results of the engine analyzer.

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