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Ticking Noise From Engine

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Ticking noise from the engine while running is an indication of a poorly lubricated engine. The reason for this is the oil inside the engine is not enough or just simply the engine lacks engine oil or the oil pressure inside the engine is low.

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Engine ticking noise is related to engines that lack lubrication, with that, said the first thing to do to check the engine oil, to check the engine oil do the following.

Car Troubleshooting

1) Lift the hood of the car and locate the dipstick for the engine oil. Check the engine oil level by removing the dipstick. Wipe the end portion that dips with oil using a clean cloth.

2) Put back the dipstick on the original location (dipping it again on the engine), and put it out again, and check the reading. If the reading is below the full line then the engine oil is low.

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When the engine oil is low then the engine is poorly lubricated. This causes the engine to create a ticking sound that you heard coming from the engine.

How to Check Oil in the Car
If the low oil warning lights on the dashboard are on, you should check the engine oil level immediately and add engine oil as needed. Before you drive your car in the morning checking the oil in the car must be done when the engine is cold. Find out more: How to Check Oil in the Car

If the dipstick reading is within the full line this means that the oil level is enough and brings us to the next possible reason for engine ticking which is a low engine oil pressure inside the engine.

Now to confirm if the oil pressure inside the engine is low, Observe the oil indicator on the dashboard, if the oil indicator light comes on while the ticking sound occurs when there is a problem with the lubrication system, why does your car's oil light come on? well, it is a case of low oil pressure. Otherwise, it is a leaking exhaust manifold or a loose valve is causing the ticking sound in the engine.

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When the oil pressure is low not enough oil will reach most of the engine components causing ticking noise from the engine. What causes the oil pressure to become low? The oil pressure will become low if the oil pump is faulty or if the oil pan screen is clogged.

Ticking Noise from engine reasons

(1) Poor engine lubrication because of low engine oil.
(2) Low oil pressure because of the faulty oil pump.
(3) Clogged oil pan screen.
(4) Loose valve.
(5) Leaking exhaust manifold.

What to do?
Engine lubrication is poor. Add enough oil to the engine. Consult the vehicle owner’s manual for the type of oil to be added.

Oil Light Flashing When Driving
Oil light flashing when driving, a result of low oil pressure, the reason is low engine oil, using wrong viscosity engine oil, partly clogged oil pan. Read more » Oil Light Flashing When Driving

Oil pressure is low. Bring the car to the car shop to determine whether bad oil pumps or a clogged oil pan screen is causing the ticking noise in the engine and repair if necessary.

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Exhaust manifold leak or loose valve. Bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check for any loose valve in the car engine or a leak on the exhaust manifold. Sometimes a valve adjustment or a tightening of loose bolt on the exhaust manifold can solve the problem of engine ticking noise causes by these car problems. (see also Ticking Sound From Engine While Idling)
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Engine Diagnostic
Engine diagnostic guide for car engines common problem from a technician experience, this will serve as a guide to solve your common engine problem, please feel free to read out the engine diagnostic articles. Find out more: Engine Diagnostic

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