Front End Dives when Braking

Conditions when car trouble occurs
After the driver step on the brake pedal to stop the car the front end of the car dives.

Possible cause of car trouble
1)Problem with the front shocks
2)Problem with the front strut cartridges

Troubleshooting car problem
If the car front end dives when the brake is applies, this does not necessary mean that there is a problem on the brake system but rather a problem on the suspension particularly the front shock absorber or the front strut cartridges. Front suspension has two key components which is the shocks and the spring. These two components are separated with each other, however there are also cars in which these two key components are integrated into a single unit in this case it is called the strut. The shock portion of the strut is the strut cartridges or the damper.

In the front suspension the purpose of the spring is to absorb the bumps on the road and the shock absorber on the strut cartridges is the one that keep the bouncing of your car restricted. Now when the brake is applied, the weight of your car will be thrown into the front end. This weight will be absorbed by the front spring. If the shocks or the cartridges are faulty it will not control the contraction of the spring and this makes the front end of your car to dive.

What to do Next to Fix Front End Dives when Braking?
First is to determine what type of suspension you have on your car, identify if the suspension is shock type or strut type. If the problem is the shocks just replace the parts. But if the mechanic recommends that the spring is also needed to be replaced, do not agree with the recommendation because springs do not usually wear out and it may cost you for a part that is not necessary to be replaced.

If your car has strut type suspension it is necessary to replace the assembly since most car do not have replaceable strut cartridges however just replaced the strut cartridges if it can be replace. Replacing the strut cartridges will depend on the model of your car most car do not have replaceable strut cartridges. You can verify if the strut on your car is replaceable or not, contact your car local dealer and ask about the particular model of your car if the cartridges is replaceable or not.

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