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Brake Warning Light Came On Steady While Driving

Brake warning light came on steady

A brake light that came on steadily is caused by the following reason the parking brake is slightly engaged, the system lacks brake fluid or there is a pressure imbalance on the brake hydraulic system.

Possible cause of brake warning light that comes on

1. The parking brake is slightly engaged which trip the brake warning lights

The parking brake is engaged when the car is at the park for safety purposes and may also serve as an emergency brake when the regular brake fails.

Now, when you park your car and engage the parking brake, you will see indicator lights on the instrument panel signaling that the parking brake is engaged with that said when you encounter a brake warning light that came on steadily you need to check if the parking brake is slightly engaged.

The next time you drive, make sure that the parking brake is fully released and not slightly engaged before you start to drive.

2. The system lacks brake fluid

Lack of brake fluid or low brake fluid is also the common reason why the brake dashboard warning lights came on steadily while driving. When you are driving find a safe place to stop then open the hood of your car, locate the brake fluid reservoir usually it is located on the top of the master cylinder. Once you located the reservoir, check the brake fluid level if it is within the minimum required level. There is an indication of the reservoir on the maximum and minimum level for fluid.

Brake fluid location

Rock the car slightly while looking at the reservoir to determine where the level of brake fluid is. If the level is below the minimum required level then it is the reason why the brake warning light came on steadily.

Brake Warning Light Flashing
Buy yourself a can of high-quality brake fluid ("DOT 3" or "DOT 4", as it's called) and carefully add just enough to top off the brake fluid reservoir.
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Just add enough brake fluid to the reservoir the level must be above the minimum level but not exceeding the maximum level. Never leave the reservoir open for a longer time than necessary because if you leave the brake fluid open than usual it can cause moisture contamination on the fluid.

3. There is a pressure imbalance on the brake hydraulic system

Pressure imbalance on the brake hydraulic system can also cause the brake warning light to come on steadily. This is usually caused by a collapsed brake hose, damaged brake lines, or an internal leak in the master cylinder.

If there is a problem of imbalance pressure on the hydraulic system it is not safe to drive the car. Tow the car to the nearest car shop at once. If you continue to drive the car with imbalance pressure on the brake it may cause a serious problem on the car involving the brake hydraulic system. Ask the mechanic to check your car for an imbalance pressure on the brake hydraulic system.

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