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Tire Making Screeching Noise on Turning

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Tire making screeching noise when the car is turning on a corner at normal speed is the result of improper tire pressure or steering angle misalignment.

The reason tire making a screeching noise

Improper Tire Pressure

Usually, this kind of problem has something to do with the wheel alignment, however, it can also cause by improper tire inflation. Now, the first thing to do is to check if the tire is not properly inflated, using a tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure for each tire, compare the reading to the standard value recommended by the car manufacturer.

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How to Check Air Tire Pressure
How to check air tire pressure, the first thing to do is to remove the tire valve cap. Remove the tiny cap that is installed on the tire valve. Read more » How to Check Air Tire Pressure

The standard tire pressure is usually written on the label located on the driver-side door. If the label is not available, refer to the car owner’s manual for the correct inflation pressure intended for your car.

The tire that is properly inflated has good traction, if the tire is underinflated the tire has a tendency to slip when the car is running especially when turning on a corner, the slipping of the tire produces screeching.

Depending on the inflation pressure of the tire gauge, add or release air from the tire that is not properly inflated, to within the recommended tire inflation pressure stated by the car manufacturer. Usually, this will fix the screeching of the tire when the car is driven on the corner.

Steering Angle Misalignment

When the car is turning from a curve the wheels must be at the correct steering angle so that the tire will not be drag across the pavement, if not then this causes the screeching sound when the car is driven to the curve.

Bring the car to a car shop for wheel alignment, screeching tires will make your tire wear faster than normal. Alignment can avoid the tire for further wear, when the mechanic tells you to replace one or more of the front end parts before wheel alignment is done, do not agree at once seek the opinion of another mechanic to make sure that some of the front end parts are indeed necessary to replace.

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