One Wheel Locks up When Brake is Apply

When the brake is apply one of the wheel locks up or skid.

Possible Cause of Wheel Locks up or Skidding When Braking

    Contaminated brake lining on the opposite wheel of locking wheel.

      During braking if one of the wheel locks up or skid this means that the opposite wheel of the locking wheel might have some sort of grease or oil.

      To further explain, say the left front wheel locks up or skid then the right wheel is not braking, therefore when one wheel is braking and the opposite wheel is not braking there will be an imbalance on the booth wheel and this imbalance will cause one wheel to locks up or skid when the brake is apply.

      Free Car Diagnostic Recommendation
      Bring the car to a reputable repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the brake, specifically the brake lining contamination. If the brake lining is contaminated clean or replace the lining. Now, check the brake on how did the lining become contaminated, one possible reason is that a leak somewhere on the system has causing the contamination. Attend to this problem immediately because the car will not be safe to drive in this condition. See also: Brake Diagnostic

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