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How can I Make My Car Ride Smoother

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How can I make my car ride smoother? I let out some air on my tire, if the car ride is hard it's because the tire is overinflated.

When the car ride is not smooth but hard, the passenger can feel every bump and road undulation.

How can I make my car ride smoother?

One of the causes why the car ride is hard and not smooth is because the tire is overinflated. Therefore the first thing to do is to check the tire pressure to confirm that the tire is indeed overinflated.

How Often to Rotate Tires
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Now using a tire pressure gauge check the air pressure of each tire and compare the reading to the recommended tire pressure intended for the car model. The standard tire pressure usually is found on the label adhere on the driver side door, if there is no label you can also find the tire pressure value on the car owner's manual.

If the tire pressure reading is over the recommended value then the tire is overinflated and this causes the bumpy ride on the car. One of the parts responsible for having a smooth ride on a car is the tire therefore do not overinflate the tire.

How to Check Air Tire Pressure
How to check air tire pressure, the first thing to do is to remove the tire valve cap. Remove the tiny cap that is installed on the tire valve. Read more » How to Check Air Tire Pressure

What to do?
Let lose some air out of the tire then using the tire pressure gauge read again the tire pressure. The tire pressure must be equal to the recommended inflation pressure indicated on the owner’s manual.

Another reason why card ride is not smooth is because of seized shock or seized strut cartridges. When the car tire hits a bump or a dip the shock and the strut cartridges absorb the road shock resulted from it by moving up and down.

Now, if the shock or strut is seized the road shock will not be absorbed and the passenger will feel a hard ride because the road shock that resulted from running into a bump or dip will be transmitted to the vehicle body.

Strut is a combination of coil spring and shock absorber, the strut cartridges function as the strut shock absorber.

What to do?
Bring the car to a repair shop and ask the mechanic to check on the suspension particularly the shock absorber or the strut cartridges. Tell the mechanic your diagnosis of having seized shock or strut cartridges and confirm if it is the cause why the car ride is hard. Just replace the seized shock or strut cartridges and nothing more.

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