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Brake Light on Dash comes on and off

The brake light on the dash comes on and off while driving, the reason for this is that the brake fluid is slightly low.

Possible Cause of Brake Light on Dash that comes on and off

Brake Fluid is Slightly Low
Usually, if the brake light on the dash comes on and off while driving it indicates a slightly low level of brake fluid. The top of the brake fluid reservoir is a sensor that triggers the brake warning lights to go on every time the brake fluid is low or even when the fluid is slightly low. Because the brake warning light only flashed and will not come on steadily then the brake fluid is just slightly low. Usually, the brake light flashes only when the car drove over a dip or bump, this causes the brake fluid to slosh inside the reservoir and will not be in contact with the sensor, if the sensor did not sense contact with the brake fluid then the warning light will come on.

Carefully add enough amount of brake fluid on the reservoir, you can buy high-quality brake fluid at any auto shop usually DOT3 or DOT4 is the brake fluid to use. When filling the reservoir does not leave it open for a longer time because the presence of moisture in the air will contaminate the brake fluid and can cause the problem in the future. Also, avoid the fluid to make contact on the body of your car because it can damage the paint.

What Causes Brake Light on Dash to Stay on
What causes brake light on dash to Stay on. Brake system fault, low brake fluid, slightly engaged parking brake, imbalance pressure on the brake. Read more: What Causes Brake Light on Dash to Stay on

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