Avoiding Garage Bills - Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

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Avoiding Garage Bills - Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Sometimes trips to the garage are unavoidable. We’re not suggesting you try and become a mechanic entirely in your spare time. However, we are aware of the costs that can sometimes come with taking your car in. Costs that could easily be avoided if you took a crack at the problem yourself. Below are tips for those exact situations. How to recognize what a problem is in your car. How to fix some of the more common and bothersome problems. How to recognize when it actually needs a trip to the garage, too.

Get your hands on the right tools

One of the most important factors of being prepared to DIY your car repairs is making sure you have all the right tools. Again, we’re not suggesting you set up a shop in your garage, but investing in a proper toolkit for your car could save you a lot of money down the line. Find out some of the most useful tools you can get yourself, including a jack, spotlight, and spares.

Diagnosing your car

If you’ve started to recognize a problem on the road but you’re not immediately sure how to recognize it, don’t take it to the garage yet. Unlike trying to diagnose a person, the internet is actually a very useful tool for recognizing common problems in your car. AutoMD and cartech home in particularly has a lot of reliable information. Using it could easily spot a problem you can fix yourself instead of having to take it to a mechanic.


Part of caring for your car in a Do It Yourself capacity is knowing what problems might arise and how to prevent them. For instance, keep your car warm during the winter. This will immediately cut down on the potential for a lot of engine issues during that troublesome time of year. Do your research on the common problems and you’ll have to fix your car a lot less often. It will also help you get more informed on the thing that actually works, too.

Fitting new tires

It’s perhaps the most common problem with cars. We all come face to face with a flat tire at some point. A lot of us already know how to fix them. If you don’t, however, you’re potentially flushing money down the drain for something you could easily learn to do yourself. Always keep a full spare tire if you can, and the knowledge to change it. You can avoid the mechanic’s charges even in getting the right ones by using online tire fitting.

Changing the air filter

An old or clogged air filter can take a lot of the zoom out of your car. Not only will it suffer from worse performance, but it can reduce the life of an engine. Even worse for your immediate finances, it makes a car a lot more efficient when it comes to miles-per-gallon. Air filters are an essential part of keeping your car less economically painful and they’re not too difficult to change. If you drive in dirty, dusty environments, you should change the air filter every three months. Otherwise, every twelve months without incident should be fine.

Checking your car battery

When the battery warning light comes on in the car all too soon, it can be easy to assume the worst. Check and charge the car battery all by yourself. This way can eliminate worries of needing a replacement as well as the cost of being told it’s fine. Check your battery before you take it in. If you can get it charged and working fine by yourself, you’ve saved money. If not, it’s time to take it to a professional.

Changing the oil

Changing the oil in your car is a critical part of car maintenance. It can extend the life of your car dramatically and should be done between every 1,000 and 3,000 miles. Yet a lot of car owners don’t know how to do it themselves. This guide can save you the hassle of routine mechanic trips without getting yourself in too much of a mess.

Replacing headlights

Another common problem and the source of thousands of tickets a year. For something so small, headlights are incredibly significant. Having one outputs you off the road until your garage is available. So get yourself road legal in no time by learning how to take out and fit in a replacement yourself. That way you’ll have no trouble with the law and no need to wait for your mechanic to get you back on the road.

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