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Why is My Manual Transmission Grinding?

Why is my manual transmission grinding when shifting? Transmission is very complex parts that are why when there is trouble it is very hard to diagnose without looking at the actual transmission, the diagnosis mention in this article is just a possibility unless the actual transmission is inspected.

If there is grinding on the transmission when shifting to one particular forward gear the possible reason is that there is a problem with the synchronizer of that particular gear. What is inside the transmission is a device called the synchronizer, the purpose of the synchronizer is to bring the rotating shafts/gears together at the same speed for smooth shifting. If the synchronizer is faulty a grinding sound occurs and shifting will become impossible for that particular gear.

But if the grinding occurs only at first gear just after shifting from a stop and not during downshifting the possible reason is that there is too much clutch pedal “free play”. Free play is the distance of the clutch pedal movement before the clutch begins to disengage. If there is too much pedal free play even when the clutch pedal is press all the way down, the clutch is still not fully disengaged and will results in grinding sound when shifting into first gear. Check out: Noise While Moving in Two or More Gears

Manual Transmission Hard to Shift Into First Gear
From a stop, the manual transmission hard to shift into first gear, but no grinding sound is heard. If this problem happens to you it only indicates a severely misadjusted clutch linkage.

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Seek the help of the mechanic specialized in transmission repair to inspect the transmission, if the mechanic recommends tearing down the transmission do not agree without seeking a second opinion. The problem may be solved by simply adjusting the clutch pedal free play, mention this to the mechanic.

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